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Midlands Counties Chess Union Congress: Open

Last update 21.08.2016 11:33:41, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Starting rank

1GMHebden Mark L112455ENG2414ncl Guildford
2Carleton John J107988ENG212Chester
3Sanghera Parminder204544SCO210Wolverhampton
4FMBarnes Michael H106259ENG205Gambit
5Townsend Michael P120551ENG199Wolverhampton
6Surtees Mike J119904ENG197Bolton
7Okhai Shabir193581ENG186Syston
8Willow Jonah B283303ENG186West Nottingham
9Mihalik Agoston301348HUN183South Birmingham
10Bryant Richard Be107574ENG181Chester
11Walker Nicholas A157248ENG180West Bromwich
12Paul Nathanael245834ENG177Newport (shropshire)
13Bull Phil230857ENG170Wolverhampton
14Friar Joseph D275633ENG169Kidderminster
15Guha Chirag291206WLS1614ncl Welsh Dragons
16Reid Patrick D289575ENG160Southsea
17Hymer Barry J148377ENG157Lancaster
18Uddin Moin252042ENG153West Bromwich
19Grasham John277724ENG128Louth