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KUW Masters 2016

Last update 21.08.2016 21:38:33, Creator/Last Upload: kuwait chess federation

Starting rank list of players

4Attwood James3206688AUS2048
8Abdel Aziem Aly Yusef10612823EGY2045
6Zaulda Vincent5218756PHI2035
9CMAlothman Abdul Wahab10300015KUW2033
5Elabd Abdul Aziz10626778EGY2032
2CMMaqseed Nasser10300074KUW1982
7Youssef Ahmed Youssef10625810EGY1967
3CMAl Khateeb Taher10300058KUW1955
10Caysidon Arpon Philip5218713PHI1884
1Shehab Ibrahim10300082KUW1880
11Yuldashev Karim14205319UZB1872