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DECODA Primary Schools Individual Chess Tournament(Under 8) City Parents School

Last update 31.07.2016 12:55:18, Creator/Last Upload: ugandachess

Starting rank

1Ahabwe CourtneyUGA1200Africa Junior School
2Ddamba John VianneyUGA1200St. Marcelino Academy
3Nakachwa MadrineUGA1200Africa Junior School
4Luggya TrevorUGA1100Africa Junior School
5Arinaitwe PreciousUGA0
6Bbosa JeremimahUGA0Africa Junior School
7Mubiru TariqUGA0Africa Junior School
8Mugisha CarlmarxUGA0Africa Junior School
9Mwangala AbigailUGA0Namirembe Primary School
10Nakigozi AbbyUGA0Africa Junior School
11Nantume AnitaUGA0Africa Juniors Academy
12Pido EdwinUGA0City Parents Primary School
13Ssemwanga Tendo TerryUGA0Agha Khan Primary School
14Ssubi Kiwanuka LwangaUGA0Agha Khan Primary School
15Wakabi FelixUGA0Africa Junior School
16Zimbe DanielUGA0Namirembe Primary School