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DECODA Primary Schools Individual Chess Tournament(Under 10) City Parents School

Last update 31.07.2016 13:00:40, Creator/Last Upload: ugandachess

Starting rank

1Buwule VincentUGA1400St. Marcelino Academy
2Owembabazi TonnyUGA1300Africa Junior School
3Ainojuni BenitahUGA0Real Quality Junior School
4Ashaba CastrolUGA0Real Quality Junior School
5Baguma EmmanuelUGA0Africa Junior School
6Batenga IreneUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
7Bugyiga TwahaUGA0Active Angel Primary School
8Dessler JannelUGA0Real Quality Junior School
9Habimana PercyUGA0Africa Junior School
10Kamara DavidUGA0Real Quality Junior School
11Kawule MariaUGA0Real Quality Junior School
12Kayanja Henry ShawnUGA0Agha Khan Primary School
13Kyabwe MasitulaUGA0Africa Junior School
14Kyambadde DanielsUGA0Goodtimes Infant Primary School
15Mijumbi LeninUGA0Greenhill Academy
16Murungi DerrickUGA0Real Quality Junior School
17Musaasizi TreasureUGA0Kibuuka Mixed Primary School
18Mwangala EstherUGA0Namirembe Primary School
19Mwebaza AbelUGA0Real Quality Junior School
20Mwebembezi FahadUGA0Agha Khan Primary School
21Mwesigwa KennedyUGA0Goodtimes Infant School
22Nabuyondo PeaceUGA0Goodtimes Infant School
23Nakandi AnitahUGA0Real Quality Junior School
24Nakintu Esther KiraboUGA0Namirembe Parents Primary School
25Nakkazi WhitneyUGA0Africa Junior School
26Namugerwa MadrinUGA0Active Angel Primary School
27Namukwaya NorahUGA0Real Quality Junior School
28Namuyomba DesireUGA0Africa Junior School
29Nantaba SumaiyahUGA0Africa Junior School
30Nanyonjo PreciousUGA0Buganda Road Primary School
31Nkonge MosesUGA0Goodtimes Infant School
32Nkwanzi AkramUGA0Agha Khan Primary School
33Ssewanyana BrunoUGA0Goodtimes Infant School
34Stephania IreneUGA0Africa Junior School
35Tamuzadde KeziaUGA0Sir Apollo Kaggwa Primary School
36Wakabi GraceUGA0Sir Apollo Kaggwa Primary School