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2016 North Eastern Masters Invitational

Last update 12.08.2016 20:30:10, Creator/Last Upload: capchess

Starting rank list of players

4GMPanchanathan Magesh Chandran5007429IND2506
10GMAshwin Jayaram5018137IND2465
7GMRohde Michael A2000172USA2437
5FMBalakrishnan Praveen2064871USA2394
2IMMandizha Farai11000430ZIM2375
6FMBrodsky David2073250USA2320
3FMGorti Akshita2072505USA2246
1FMKumar Aravind2058871USA2192
9CMJacobson Brandon30901561USA2140
8WFMBogdan Ekaterina13502638BLR2135