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Al Ain Youth Chess Festival 28 to 2 Aug 2016 group (C)

Last update 02.08.2016 18:17:21, Creator/Last Upload: alain chess club

Starting rank list of players

3Hamad M A M Al Ali9310711UAE1197
2WCMMahra Mallah Alromaithi9315373UAE1117
1Alyazia Humaid Alhasani9315586UAE1082
9Shams M Khalifa Al Rubaei9313893UAE1080
8Zayed Mallah Alremeithi9315403UAE1051
4Alyazya Hamad R Alkharoossi9315217UAE1035
10Ahmed Rashed Mohd R Alshamsi9316310UAE0
5Jahan Ajay Vyas45075484IND0
7Mouza Nasser Alshamsi9315390UAE0
6Noof Khalfan Alshamsi9317406UAE0