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Al Ain Youth Chess Festival 28 to 2 Aug 2016 group (B)

Last update 02.08.2016 18:17:45, Creator/Last Upload: alain chess club

Starting rank list of players

2AFMDalvi Sharjeel146242472IND1387
9Sultan Mohamed Qayed9314997UAE1337
6Hazza Salah Mohammed9314822UAE1304
3WCMAlmaamari Zainab Darwish9309381UAE1302
7Alali Ali9309063UAE1224
4Aysha Nasser H Alshamsi9309535UAE1221
1Alzaid Zaid383266891KUW1219
8Vyas Arya Ajay45059489IND1214
5Al Shamsi Hamad Naseer9314296UAE1207
10Hmouda A H Binhmouda9316353UAE1177