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2016 Glorney Cup

Last update 20.07.2016 14:26:12, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Team-Composition with round-results

  1. Ireland (RtgAvg:1954, TB1: 18 / TB2: 9)
1O`gorman Tom2150101103,051974
2Li Henry1990111½½4,051814
3Scott Luke1922111014,051688
4Beatty Ross1770001102,051459
5Mulligan Scott1940111115,051677
  2. France (RtgAvg:2021, TB1: 17 / TB2: 7)
1Albaric Etienne220901½102,551962
2Chemla Oscar2044011114,051803
3Warr-Esser Alexandre2004010½12,551671
4Boitel Leo1995111115,051414
5Naillou Thomas1855010113,051694
  3. England (RtgAvg:1873, TB1: 15 / TB2: 6)
1Brewer Callum D1988½1½½13,552006
2Ashworth Michael J1884½101½3,051835
3Jina Taran1764001102,051719
4Green Michael1890½10½13,051435
5Jain Gautam R1838½11103,551697
  4. England B (RtgAvg:1694, TB1: 12,5 / TB2: 6)
1Ramaiya Anshu1714½00011,552061
2Davis Holden1708½01½02,051870
3Forster Matthew1733101114,051725
4Cocks Elliot1756½01012,551462
5Ashworth Robert M1560½01012,551753
  5. Scotland (RtgAvg:1797, TB1: 9,5 / TB2: 2)
1Koehn Lennart1952111½14,552013
2Pannwitz Kai1907100001,051831
3Bond Alexander1937100001,051685
4D Costa Leston1557110½02,551502
5Gillies Craig1630½00000,551739
  6. Wales (RtgAvg:1406, TB1: 3 / TB2: 0)
1Thomas Ben2005000000,052003
2Evans James1527000011,051907
3Neave Guto0010½01,551872
4Smith George98000000,051794
5Calist Aron1500½00000,551765