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Scottish Weekend U1750

Last update 17.07.2016 19:20:23, Creator/Last Upload: lara barnes ia

Starting rank

1Watson JamesSCO1647
2Mcgillivray CalumSCO1630
3Murray FrankieSCO1626
4Potts DavidSCO1604
5Campbell Iain SSCO1580
6Pearson Walter2402815SCO1577
7Serelis PauliusSCO1529
8McQuillan StephenSCO1524
9Robertson JimSCO1524
10Weir JosephSCO1490
11Breslin DanielSCO1465
12Sawaryn SteveSCO1342
13Constance TomSCO1318
14McKay RuaridhSCO1297
15Alomenu GilbertSCO1288
16McKay JonathanSCO1121