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North Wales Minor

Last update 03.07.2016 19:51:27, Creator/Last Upload: kevin

Starting rank

1Hawthorne JulianENG118
2Petkov PetkoWLS116
3Jackson Paul RENG112
4Petkov AntonWLS112
5Wilson JeffENG110
6Rush Stephen JENG107
7Fraser Alan RENG106
8Coleman PatrickENG102
9Parry SusanENG100
10Szwajkun SteveENG99
11Carter Andy SENG98
12Rowles SarahWLS96
13Cockerill MartinWLS95
14Doherty PaulENG91
15Burton LouisWLS87
16Burgess F TerryWLS86
17Friel MikeWLS85
18Hall LesENG80
19Bohm Richard DavidWLS76
20Eddershaw Joh H JENG75
21Coutts CatrionaWLS67
22Douglas BruceWLS43
23Oleksy HelenaWLS117