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Seychelles Chess Congress May Blitz

Last update 22.06.2016 22:24:33, Creator/Last Upload: rstravens

Starting rank

1Stratonowitsch Andre24613959Sey2139
2Stravens Robert9800433Sey1628
3Dagdeler Murat1535
4Singireddy Subash128131653FID1511
5Butler-Payette Andre1485
6Houareau Stefan1446
7Balabanov Andrei1536
8Durup Rene0
9Guseva Ilona0
10Vital Keith9800140Sey1487
11Moisieiev Mykyta0
12Hoareau Elza9800298Sey0
13Eulentin Jean-JaquesSey0
14Nalletamby Samual9800379Sey0