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Eurasian Blitz Chess Cup of the President of Kazakhstan

Last update 19.06.2016 13:40:10, Creator/Last Upload: kazakhstan chess federation (license 2)

Player info

NameEhlvest Jaan
Starting rank48
Rating national0
Rating international2534
Performance rating2447
FIDE rtg +/--32,8
Year of birth 1962


147100Abdikasova Panu1881KAZ5,5w 1
247100Abdikasova Panu1881KAZ5,5s 1
31619GMPonomariov Ruslan2695UKR14,0w ½
41619GMPonomariov Ruslan2695UKR14,0s 0
51929GMMoiseenko Alexander2646UKR14,0s ½
61929GMMoiseenko Alexander2646UKR14,0w 0
72522GMJumabayev Rinat2685KAZ13,5s 1
82522GMJumabayev Rinat2685KAZ13,5w 0
92978FMAgmanov Zhandos2256KAZ11,0w ½
102978FMAgmanov Zhandos2256KAZ11,0s ½
112872FMMankeyev Rauan2339KAZ8,5w 1
122872FMMankeyev Rauan2339KAZ8,5s 1
131728GMSjugirov Sanan2656RUS14,0s ½
141728GMSjugirov Sanan2656RUS14,0w 0
152662Askarov Bakhtiyar2406KAZ10,5s 0
162662Askarov Bakhtiyar2406KAZ10,5w 1
172458GMHarika Dronavalli2443IND12,5w 0
182458GMHarika Dronavalli2443IND12,5s 0
193174IMAghasiyev Kamal2304AZE10,5s 1
203174IMAghasiyev Kamal2304AZE10,5w 1
21218GMAndreikin Dmitry2759RUS12,5w 0
22218GMAndreikin Dmitry2759RUS12,5s 0
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