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2009 China Championship Men

Last update 06.06.2009 12:03:00, Creator: demo-version (60 spieler/4 runden),Last Upload: peep narusberg

Starting rank list of players

5GMNi HuaCHN2724
11GMBu XiangzhiCHN2704
9GMWang HaoCHN2696
8GMLi Chao BCHN2643
4GMZhang PengxiangCHN2638
10GMZhou JianchaoCHN2635
6GMHou YifanCHN2590
7GMZhou WeiqiCHN2563
12GMLi ShilongCHN2557
3GMLiang ChongCHN2511
2Ding LirenCHN2458
1Ji DanCHN2342