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2009 China Championship Women

Last update 06.06.2009 16:37:39, Creator/Last Upload: peep narusberg

Starting rank list of players

7GMZhao XueCHN2531
11Ju WenjunCHN2454
4Tan ZhongyiCHN2436
6WGMShen YangCHN2420
2IMWang Yu ACHN2364
8WIMZhang XiaowenCHN2340
9WGMGu XiaobingCHN2336
10WGMZhang JilinCHN2335
12WFMDing YixinCHN2281
3Wang XiaohuiCHN2265
5WIMXu TongCHN2231
1Wang JueCHN2162