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Robert Wheeler Open 2016 Amateur Section

Last update 24.05.2016 19:14:39, Creator/Last Upload: jamaica chess federation (llicense 1)

Starting rank

1CUMMINGS JoshuaJAM1257St Catherine Primary
2CATO KhatrayJAM1250St Catherine Primary
3WALSH NaydenJAM1229Sts Peter & Paul Prep
4WALTERS RomaineJAM1200St Catherine Primary
5WILKINSON JoshJAM1165Praise Tabernacle Christian Ac
6RAMPAIR ChristianJAM1151Hillel
7MCINTOSH CharlesJAM1148Queens Prep
8MCKAY JustinJAM1147St. Andrew Prep
9THOMPSON MabrukeJAM1120St. Andrew Prep
10NIXON AdlaiJAM1098Hillel Academy
11MITCHELL ChevonieceJAM1088St. Judes Primary
12REID TariqueJAM1061Jamaica College
13BROWN CameronJAM1046Hillel Academy
14COMMERIE DemarieJAM1040St. Andrew Prep
15BROWN ColeJAM1012Hillel Academy
16ELLIOTT DanielleJAM1000St. Andrew Prep
17LEWIS NathanJAM1000Jamaica College
18LOGAN MaireJAM1000St. Andrew Prep
19O'CONNOR ZainaJAM1000Alvernia Prep
20MCKAY ParisJAM993St. Andrew Prep
21CUMMINGS MatthewJAM984St Catherine Primary
22BLAGROVE-LEWIS DylanJAM936Emmanuel Christian Academy
23WITTER OneciaJAM844St Catherine Primary
24WATSON AndeanJAM800St Catherine Primary
25CLARKE AlexJAM0St. Andrew Prep
26COE CameronJAM1237Hillel Academy
27GORDON JermaineJAM0Mcgrath Hs
28JENNINGS AlessandroJAM0Jamaica College
29MAHTANI RohitJAM0Hopefield Prep
30PORTER SteveJAM0St Catherine Primary
31SCOTT DwayneJAM0Tarrant Primary
32SHIELDS MalikJAM0Jamaica College
33SIMPSON LiamJAM0Hopefield Prep
34THOMPSON RonaldoJAM0Lannamans Prep
35VALENTINE CraigJAM0Jamaica College
36WALLACE Alex JAM0Jamaica College