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XVIII Open Internacional Escacs Torredembarra

Last update 10.07.2016 13:57:08, Creator/Last Upload: josep m. camell jane

Player overview for NOR

19Kyrkjebo Hanna B.1987NOR½111001½16,0134012,00
27Kyrkjebo Marte B.1860NOR011½0½0115,031406,00

Results of the last round for NOR

Rd.Bo.No.NamePts. ResultPts. NameNo.
9934Villar Arino Victor5 0 - 15 Kyrkjebo Hanna B.19
91827Kyrkjebo Marte B.4 1 - 04 Gonzalez Pena David53

Player details for NOR

Kyrkjebo Hanna B. 1987 NOR Rp:2020 Pts. 6,0
161Torrents Busquet Marti1543ESP3,5s ½-0,3940-15,60
275Stukas Ernestas0LTU3,0w 1
340Bechini Bossons Ferran1763ESP4,0s 10,22408,80
410CMPrieto Ernesto2064COL6,0w 10,614024,40
516Sirera Bargallo Tomas2003ESP5,0s 0-0,4840-19,20
66FMSimon Padros Emili2194ESP6,0w 0-0,2340-9,20
736Sole Gonzalez Edgar1796ESP5,5s 10,254010,00
814Urpi Torrents Ramon2047ESP5,5w ½0,08403,20
934Villar Arino Victor1813ESP5,0s 10,274010,80
Kyrkjebo Marte B. 1860 NOR Rp:1861 Pts. 5,0
171Bernat Mor Juli1239ESP4,0- 0K
263Estruch Andreu Guim1493ESP4,0w 10,11404,40
352Segura Riba Josep M.1614ESP2,5s 10,19407,60
49Palomo Teruel Xavier2073ESP5,5s ½0,274010,80
513cmBuxade Roca Guillermo2050ESP4,5w 0-0,2540-10,00
631Amigo Cervello Juan1836ESP3,5s ½-0,0340-1,20
726Quinza Garcia Aitor1864ESP5,0w 0-0,4940-19,60
856Zumel Zea Javier1584ESP3,0s 10,17406,80
953Gonzalez Pena David1610ESP4,0w 10,19407,60