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Pohlemus Darling Chess Memorial 2009

Last update 18.05.2009 11:20:52, Creator/Last Upload: kean smith

Starting rank

1Morris AkiniBAH1385
2Delaney DanteBAH1251
3Bullard DavidBAH1215
4Gibson AshleyBAH1115
5Farqhuarson JomarBAH1110
6Smith LionelBAH1110
7Major PolinaBAH1075
8Black GaryBAH1072
9Thomas NelissaBAH1067
10Parker JovanBAH1039
11Knowles RicardoBAH1027
12Taylor JermaineBAH868
13Forbes PhilishaBAH781
14Ryan DeradBAH761
15Gali SandeepBAH763
16Miller TravisBAH1241
17Rahming RobertBAH1110