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VIII Circuito CE OESTE - Torneio de Santa Catarina- 3º Ciclo - Secund. 2008/2009

Last update 19.05.2009 19:55:46, Creator/Last Upload: portuguese chess federation (licence 16)

Final Ranking after 7 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
13Silva RodolfoPOR1419Agrup Esc S Martinho Port6,00,025,030,0
21Lopes RuiPOR1534Ext Coop Benedita5,50,020,026,0
37Cruz RicardoPOR1350Esc Sec D Ines Castro-Alc5,00,021,026,0
49Martins RuiPOR1350Esc Sec D Ines Castro-Alc5,00,017,024,0
52Correia Rafael LuisPOR1431Agrup Esc S Martinho Port4,51,023,030,5
623Pereira BernardoPOR1200Esc Frei E Martins-Alcoba4,50,020,528,0
74Silva Joao PedroPOR1408Agrup Esc S Martinho Port4,00,022,026,5
85Borges JoaoPOR1350Esc Sec D Ines Castro-Alc4,00,018,026,0
920Mendrico JorgePOR1200Esc Frei E Martins-Alcoba4,00,017,028,0
1015Catraio RodrigoPOR1200Agrup Esc S Martinho Port4,00,017,024,5
1110Agostinho Joao PedroPOR1200Esc Frei E Martins-Alcoba4,00,015,024,0
1211Alves Joao CarlosPOR1200Ext Coop Benedita4,00,015,023,0
1322Paulo JoaoPOR1200EBI Santa Catarina4,00,014,022,0
1428Tereso Joao BernardoPOR1200Esc Frei E Martins-Alcoba4,00,011,017,5
1521Norte ClaudioPOR1200Ext Coop Benedita3,50,016,522,5
1624Raimundo JoaoPOR1200Esc Sec D Ines Castro-Alc3,50,015,525,5
178Ferreira GoncaloPOR1350Esc Sec D Ines Castro-Alc3,50,013,020,5
1827Rosa HenriquePOR1200Esc Sec D Ines Castro-Alc3,00,014,022,5
196Constantino LuisPOR1350Esc Sec D Ines Castro-Alc3,00,013,521,5
2030Trilho JoaoPOR1200Esc Frei E Martins-Alcoba3,00,012,019,5
2119Mateus Jose LuisPOR1200Ext Coop Benedita3,00,011,025,0
2225Real JosePOR1200Esc Sec D Ines Castro-Alc3,00,011,022,0
2314Cardoso BrunoPOR1200Esc Frei E Martins-Alcoba3,00,011,019,0
2426Rodrigues Miguel AngeloPOR1200Esc Frei E Martins-Alcoba3,00,010,019,5
2531Vicente PedroPOR1200Esc Frei E Martins-Alcoba3,00,010,019,0
2616Correia LuisPOR1200EBI Santa Catarina2,51,010,517,0
2729Tereso RodrigoPOR1200Esc Frei E Martins-Alcoba2,50,09,517,5
2813Calhas MarcioPOR1200Esc Frei E Martins-Alcoba2,00,09,020,5
2917Fernandes FranciscoPOR1200Esc Sec D Ines Castro-Alc2,00,07,021,0
3012Alves MarianaPOR1200Ext Coop Benedita2,00,05,018,0
3118Lopes TiagoPOR1200Esc Frei E Martins-Alcoba1,00,04,018,5

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Fide Tie-Break
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)