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10.Pojedinačno prvenstvo Srbije za 2016 - Serbian Championship 2016

Last update 19.04.2016 16:07:27, Creator/Last Upload: boban milojevic

Starting rank list of players

2GMDamljanovic Branko900125SRB2588
9GMBogosavljevic Boban931152SRB2527
7GMSavic Miodrag R920479SRB2526
3IMZajic Milan912336SRB2491
6GMMiljkovic Miroslav D922722SRB2490
8GMMilanovic Danilo915483SRB2485
1GMAntic Dejan901008SRB2478
4GMTodorovic Goran M900168SRB2462
10GMMarkovic Miroslav901504SRB2440
5Djordjevic Vuk902098SRB2410
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