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2nd National Qualifier 2016

Last update 22.04.2016 03:06:01, Creator/Last Upload: education license (until 31.12.2016)

Starting rank

1FMMerritt Mario7700148TTO2111
2CMSingh Ravishen7700199TTO2067
3FMYee Frank7700105TTO2041
4Jones David7700075TTO1916
5Lee Hayden7700350TTO1898
6CMSears Frank7700121TTO1876
7Bowles Andrew7700237TTO1870
8Thomas Rickson7704135TTO1855
9Knight Colin7700695TTO1827
10Chin Nicholas7700636TTO1824
11CMDavis Daryl7701250TTO1795
12Ali Ian7700601TTO1783
13CMYearwood Sean7702426TTO1638
14Maynard David7703716TTO1599
15James Shemilah7702060TTO1550
16Ramoutar Alan-Safar7704224TTO1515
17Rambally Eon7703929TTO1309
18Munroe-Brown Brad7703260TTO1023