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ASEAN Age Group Under - 10 Girls RAPID

Last update 27.06.2005 18:59:27, Creator/Last Upload:

Starting rank

1Chelsie Monica SinagaINA0
2Chua Ai-Xin EsseSGP0
3Chua Yee TengMAS0
4Do Hoang Minh ThoVIE0
5Ho En-Huei DanielleSGP0
6Ira Kartika Dewi SabliBRU0
7Koh Su-En AbigailSGP0
8Le Thanh Phuong UyenVIE0
9Ng Chi-Wen KrysiaSGP0
10Ng Wan Yun DeborahSGP0
11Nguyen Ngoc Thanh TraVIE0
12Nguyen Ngoc Thuy TrangVIE0
13Nguyen Tran Ngoc ThuyVIE0
14Pham Hong MinhVIE0
15Siti Nur Fatanah AzrinaBRU0
16Than Htike SanMYA0
17Vuong Quynh HuongVIE0