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ASEAN Age Group Under - 18 Girls RAPID

Last update 27.06.2005 18:59:27, Creator/Last Upload:

Starting rank

1Thandar Zin WinMYA2276
2Win Win ThweMYA2269
3WIMWIM Hoang Thi Bao TramVIE2267
4WFMWFM Pham Le Thao NguyenVIE2263
5Pham Thi Ngoc TuVIE2078
6Hui Sau-Mun DawnSGP1996
7Dk Qalila Pg Md OmarBRU1970
8Lin Ai-LinSGP1968
9Bui Thi My HangVIE0
10Cao Le Phuong ThanhVIE0
11Low Shing WeiMAS0
12Nguyen Quynh AnhVIE0