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Hambantota District Youth Chess Championship - 2016 Under 10 Girls

Last update 15.03.2016 04:01:47, Creator/Last Upload: srilankachess

Starting rank

1Amaya K A VishmiSRI0H\Yatala Tissa Primary School
2Ambepitiya Tharani DeeshanaSRI0H\Weeraketiya Primary School
3Damsini W A SithunliSRI0H\Debarawewa Jandhipathi K V
4Dananjana J HashiniSRI0H\Debarawewa Jandhipathi K V
5Galappathi S W MSRI0H\Tangalle Primary School
6Galappaththi Ravija LahiruniSRI0H\Debarawewa Jandhipathi K V
7Hiuprabha W A SenushiSRI0H/Theraputta Primary School
8Kavithma A P MeenuSRI0H\Tangalle Primary School
9Larandi J A DinithikaSRI0H\Tangalle Primary School
10Nethmini E DisiniSRI0H\Tangalle Primary School
11Nisandim D SayumiSRI0H\Tangalle Primary School
12Pilimini Anuji UmayaSRI0H\Yatala Tissa Primary School
13Piyumi H K ChamodaSRI0H\Walasmulla Model Primary School
14Ransinghe P G DSRI0H\Walasmulla Model Primary School
15Rashana D V SachindiSRI0H\Debarawewa Jandhipathi K V
16Sanathmi M YenuliSRI0H\Yatala Tissa Primary School
17Senaya E YenoliSRI0H\Debarawewa Jandhipathi K V
18Shereena M KSRI0H\Yatala Tissa Primary School
19Supeshala S KushaniSRI0H/Theraputta Primary School
20Suthumya J W K BinudhiSRI0H\Walasmulla Model Primary School
21Vidunima Y G ThiseniSRI0H\Theraputta Primary School
22Wickramsinghe Geesha Sandulu YohanaSRI0H\Yatala Tissa Primary School