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Hambantota District Youth Chess Championship-2016 Under 10 Boys

Last update 15.03.2016 04:01:17, Creator/Last Upload: srilankachess

Starting rank

1Akasha P V A SathniduSRI0H/Theraputta Primary School
2Asinsana W A SahashSRI0
3Bandara W P K K VSRI0H\Weeraketiya Primary School
4Boominda PansaraSRI0H\Yatala Tissa Primary School
5Chamathka W A HansadaSRI0H\Weeraketiya Primary School
6Charunya O P SamudayaSRI0H/Theraputta Primary School
7De Silva Disara ThewmikaSRI0H\Tangalle Primary School
8Dewmina A ThenujaSRI0H\Tangalle Primary School
9Hasanjana W P I GSRI0H\Debarawewa Jandhipathi K V
10Himsara E L A Y SSRI0H\Tangalle Primary School
11Jaysinghe Omal VishanSRI0H\Yatala Tissa Primary School
12Keerthi G G S DSRI0
13Keerthi G G V VSRI0H\Tangalle Primary School
14Kodithuwakku Damru MindinaSRI0H/Theraputta Primary School
15Mabarana M L A B TSRI0H\Walasmulla Model Primary School
16Malith A GeenathSRI0
17Manujaya M DisalSRI0H\Debarawewa Jandhipathi K V
18Matheesha M SavidyaSRI0H\Yatala Tissa Primary School
19Mihiranga H K MahithSRI0H\Weeraketiya Primary School
20Ravihara B M H PSRI0H\Tangalle Primary School
21Ravishan G H RavinduSRI0H\Tangalle Primary School
22Samaradeera C NSRI0H\Tangalle Primary School
23Samarasinghe G M SSSRI0H\Tangalle Primary School
24Sankalana B VihangaSRI0H/Theraputta Primary School
25Saroj S G R M WanujaSRI0H\Walasmulla Model Primary School
26Tharinda A H ImashSRI0H\Debarawewa Jandhipathi K V
27Thathsara M K ChaminduSRI0H\Tangalle Primary School
28Thineth S H OshadaSRI0H\Yatala Tissa Primary School
29Thinura J L P PamodSRI0H\Theraputta Primary School
30Udan A J P MethsaraSRI0H\Weeraketiya Primary School
31Waidayasekara Dasindu KemsaraSRI0H\Tangalle Primary School
32Wethmina W KavinuSRI0H\Weeraketiya Primary School