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World Chess Candidates Tournament 2016(Unofficial)

Last update 28.03.2016 18:10:47, Creator/Last Upload: ksv der wiener berufsschulen


Round 1
112760GMKarjakin Sergey½ - ½GMSvidler Peter27575
222790GMNakamura Hikaru½ - ½GMCaruana Fabiano27946
332793GMGiri Anish½ - ½GMAronian Levon27867
442762GMAnand Viswanathan1 - 0GMTopalov Veselin27808
Round 2
152757GMSvidler Peter½ - ½GMTopalov Veselin27808
272786GMAronian Levon½ - ½GMAnand Viswanathan27624
362794GMCaruana Fabiano½ - ½GMGiri Anish27933
412760GMKarjakin Sergey1 - 0GMNakamura Hikaru27902
Round 3
122790GMNakamura Hikaru½ - ½GMSvidler Peter27575
232793GMGiri Anish½ - ½GMKarjakin Sergey27601
342762GMAnand Viswanathan½ - ½GMCaruana Fabiano27946
482780GMTopalov Veselin0 - 1GMAronian Levon27867
Round 4
152757GMSvidler Peter½ - ½GMAronian Levon27867
262794GMCaruana Fabiano½ - ½GMTopalov Veselin27808
312760GMKarjakin Sergey1 - 0GMAnand Viswanathan27624
422790GMNakamura Hikaru½ - ½GMGiri Anish27933
Round 5
132793GMGiri Anish½ - ½GMSvidler Peter27575
242762GMAnand Viswanathan½ - ½GMNakamura Hikaru27902
382780GMTopalov Veselin½ - ½GMKarjakin Sergey27601
472786GMAronian Levon½ - ½GMCaruana Fabiano27946
Round 6
142762GMAnand Viswanathan1 - 0GMSvidler Peter27575
282780GMTopalov Veselin½ - ½GMGiri Anish27933
372786GMAronian Levon1 - 0GMNakamura Hikaru27902
462794GMCaruana Fabiano½ - ½GMKarjakin Sergey27601
Round 7
152757GMSvidler Peter½ - ½GMCaruana Fabiano27946
212760GMKarjakin Sergey½ - ½GMAronian Levon27867
322790GMNakamura Hikaru1 - 0GMTopalov Veselin27808
432793GMGiri Anish½ - ½GMAnand Viswanathan27624
Round 8
152757GMSvidler Peter½ - ½GMKarjakin Sergey27601
262794GMCaruana Fabiano1 - 0GMNakamura Hikaru27902
372786GMAronian Levon½ - ½GMGiri Anish27933
482780GMTopalov Veselin½ - ½GMAnand Viswanathan27624
Round 9
182780GMTopalov Veselin½ - ½GMSvidler Peter27575
242762GMAnand Viswanathan1 - 0GMAronian Levon27867
332793GMGiri Anish½ - ½GMCaruana Fabiano27946
422790GMNakamura Hikaru½ - ½GMKarjakin Sergey27601
Round 10
152757GMSvidler Peter½ - ½GMNakamura Hikaru27902
212760GMKarjakin Sergey½ - ½GMGiri Anish27933
362794GMCaruana Fabiano1 - 0GMAnand Viswanathan27624
472786GMAronian Levon½ - ½GMTopalov Veselin27808
Round 11
172786GMAronian Levon0 - 1GMSvidler Peter27575
282780GMTopalov Veselin½ - ½GMCaruana Fabiano27946
342762GMAnand Viswanathan1 - 0GMKarjakin Sergey27601
432793GMGiri Anish½ - ½GMNakamura Hikaru27902
Round 12
152757GMSvidler Peter½ - ½GMGiri Anish27933
222790GMNakamura Hikaru1 - 0GMAnand Viswanathan27624
312760GMKarjakin Sergey1 - 0GMTopalov Veselin27808
462794GMCaruana Fabiano½ - ½GMAronian Levon27867
Round 13
152757GMSvidler Peter½ - ½GMAnand Viswanathan27624
232793GMGiri Anish½ - ½GMTopalov Veselin27808
322790GMNakamura Hikaru½ - ½GMAronian Levon27867
412760GMKarjakin Sergey1 - 0GMCaruana Fabiano27946
Round 14
162794GMCaruana Fabiano½ - ½GMSvidler Peter27575
272786GMAronian Levon½ - ½GMKarjakin Sergey27601
382780GMTopalov Veselin0 - 1GMNakamura Hikaru27902
442762GMAnand Viswanathan½ - ½GMGiri Anish27933