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68th National Schools Individual Championships 2016 - B Division Girls

Last update 24.03.2016 07:25:08, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Starting rank

1Anshul ChughNJC0SNational JC
2Anvitha RajaramCGS0SCrescent Girls' Sch
3Chan Li Xuan BeverlyNUH0WNUS High
4Chan Wye JoelleMGS0WMGS Sec
5Chan Yi XuanCGS0SCrescent Girls' Sch
6Chen YitaoCGS0SCrescent Girls' Sch
7Chia Si En VianneMGS0WMGS Sec
8Chua Wen Xuan TammyTKG0ETanjong Katong Girls' Sch
9Fam Lingli ElizabathNGH0WNanyang Girls' High
10Foo Kai EnRGS0SRGS Sec
11Geetha Shivashini GovindarajuCGS0SCrescent Girls' Sch
12Goh Zhen Ling DeborahNGH0WNanyang Girls' High
13Hng EmmanuelleNGH0WNanyang Girls' High
14Koh Hui Yi ValerieRGS0SRGS Sec
15Koh Li ShuenCGS0SCrescent Girls' Sch
16Kwok Teng Yan MeganCGS0SCrescent Girls' Sch
17LIm Yuki EmmaCGS0SCrescent Girls' Sch
18Lai Rui Qian AmberNGH0WNanyang Girls' High
19Law Shu HuiYTS0NYishun Town Sec
20Lee Hui Jean DeniseNGH0WNanyang Girls' High
21Li HanCGS0SCrescent Girls' Sch
22Li JingweiCGS0SCrescent Girls' Sch
23Lim Qiu RongYTS0NYishun Town Sec
24Lim Siew YeeNGH0WNanyang Girls' High
25Lim Sze Ting NicoleNGH0WNanyang Girls' High
26Liu XiangningCGS0SCrescent Girls' Sch
27Murugan SineghaTKG0ETanjong Katong Girls' Sch
28Ng Xuan Ning AnnaMGS0WMGS Sec
29Ng Yan Ying ChrislynRGS0SRGS Sec
30Pang Wang Yun StephanieYTS0NYishun Town Sec
31Ramesh Kumar DaksanaCGS0SCrescent Girls' Sch
32Shi Le FanCGS0SCrescent Girls' Sch
33Shu Zeqian DaisyNUH0WNUS High
34Sia Mei Ann Aditi RaiTKG0ETanjong Katong Girls' Sch
35Siew Kai XinYTS0NYishun Town Sec
36Sim Rui Qi RachelMGS0WMGS Sec
37Sim Yun Chi EstelleIKC0ECHIJ Katong Convent
38Sudharshana SaminathanNJC0SNational JC
39Syam LekshmiNJC0SNational JC
40Tang Hui-Ting SarahTKG0ETanjong Katong Girls' Sch
41Tan Si MinCGS0SCrescent Girls' Sch
42Tan Yan LynRGS0SRGS Sec
43Tan Yu HanCGS0SCrescent Girls' Sch
44Tang Tze Ning ValerieMGS0WMGS Sec
45Woon Rui Fang ValerieCGS0SCrescent Girls' Sch
46Xu RuochenRGS0SRGS Sec
47Zheng MayaNGH0WNanyang Girls' High
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