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Torneo Ciabe Blitz 6 2016

Last update 27.02.2016 03:55:12, Creator/Last Upload: saigon chess

Starting rank

1Benedetti Julio1000000ARG2318Ciabe
2Acosta Alan1000001ARG2171Ciabe
3Martinez de Negri GonzaloARG2146
4Cimer EmanuelARG2145
5Villanueva Javier1000002ARG2131Ciabe
6Baigorria Gregorio1000003ARG2040Ciabe
7Martres Damian1000009ARG1998Ciabe
8Battan Adrian1000013ARG1986Ciabe
9Rios Gustavo1000012ARG1986Ciabe
10Maglieri Nahuel1000017ARG1946Ciabe
11Samudio Gonzalo1000019ARG1913Ciabe
12Gualpa Carlos1000021ARG1889Ciabe
13Fares Mariano1000023ARG1874Ciabe
14Figar Nicolas1000025ARG1843Ciabe
15Gualpa Walter1000028ARG1789Ciabe
16Ortega David1000030ARG1748Ciabe
17Sanchez Sebastian1000033ARG1673Ciabe
18Suarez Federico1000035ARG1661Ciabe
19Nuñez MauricioARG0