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Campeonato Nacional Sub-20 Femenino Sucre-Bolivia

Last update 28.02.2016 17:37:36, Creator/Last Upload: bolivian federation of chess

Starting rank

1WIMMonroy G. Nataly A.3304019BOL1939Santa Cruz
2Molina Jessica3303888BOL1830Tiquipaya (Cochabamba)
3Osorio Mamani Mayte3305031BOL1586Potosi
4Toro Ambar3304183BOL1511Chuquisaca
5Bustillos Natalia3307239BOL1424Chuquisaca
6Calvimontes Barrera SharonBOL0Chuquisaca
7Padilla Salazar CarlaBOL0Chuquisaca
8Quispe Ana Gabriel3310396BOL0Chuquisaca
9Quispe Quiroga KeidyBOL0Chuquisaca