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Genius Chess School,Puttur-Weekly Chess Competition(Advanced)-7th Edition

Last update 21.02.2016 12:25:57, Creator/Last Upload: geniuschess

Starting rank

1Shashank Bhat G S45044473IND1642
2Pankaj Bhat46698310IND1510
3Devin Rai45088594IND1501
4Ashish Shyam H45044228IND1467
5Shashank S L35075071IND1438
6Arjun Rao K25608541IND1433
7Dhanush Ram M45044309IND1425
8Gagan M S45006989IND1403
9Manvith K45078866IND1367
10Suhas A46662782IND1357
11Nagabhushan U S25608657IND1355
12Sathwik Sharma B S45027200IND1325
13Deepthi Lakshmi K45044287IND1322
14Panchami Sarpangala46698302IND1308
15Sudhanva Shabaraya25623230IND1305
16Samhitha Sharma B S45044449IND1301
17Shubhapradha K S25604589IND1298
18Ravishankar Bhat M25623095IND1268
19Srijan Rai R45044562IND1266
20Shridevi Kote35048520IND1265
21Shubha Shree K45002061IND1249
22Ankith K L25622790IND1226
23Sathwik Shivananda P.S25623133IND1208
24Chithara Hirinja G J45044279IND1207