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club blitztmt

Last update 21.02.2016 03:06:50, Creator/Last Upload: chess association kerala

Starting rank

1Joy Lazar M.A.5015677IND1979
2Suresh P K5015391IND1895
3Raju O A5070090IND1876
4Shaji T. L.5012651IND1873
5Xavier P P25040642IND1825
7Prasad Subramanian46692533IND1568
8Raghuraj V.N.5058481IND1532
9Shibu M P35014714IND1471
10Satheesh A S46605444IND1445
11Antony Simethy25012886IND1427
12Denny P K46621466IND1368
13Denny V Davis46665676IND1299
14Shanoj T Syed Alavi35099310IND1268
15Shibu K D46666052IND1267
16Chandran M.V.5065836IND1178
17Sunny Varghese45047391IND1167
18Safar Hussain45089230IND1165
19Vinod K Kuttappan46684557IND1091
20Hameed A Mohamed46638733IND0