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Hart House Reading Week Open 2016 U1200

Last update 22.02.2016 02:44:26, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 23)

Starting rank

1Srinivas AtharvaCAN1080ON
2Shi DavidCAN1077ON
3Xiang ChristopherCAN1073ON
4Finkelstein MichaelCAN1067ON
5Gong Yu Xiang (howard)CAN1018ON
6Khakimov KarimCAN996ON
7Libardo BenjohnCAN988ON
8Souchko LarissaCAN972ON
9Tuong RoseCAN862ON
10Wu Yulun (tony)CAN837ON
11Wang Zhixing (daniel)CAN816ON
12Chen AndrewCAN799ON
13Hua MichelleCAN464ON
14Surya TotoCAN1016ON