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LBV Jeugdtoernooi 2016 - ABC

Last update 21.02.2016 15:43:44, Creator/Last Upload: fpi

Starting rank list of players

4Tikranian AlikNED2200SV De Pion
7Muntean VictorNED1560JSC de Pionier
6Karapetov AlexNED1263SV De Pion
8Paays DominggusNED1232SV Klim-op
1Gevorkjan LewonNED1173SV De Pion
10Bijlmakers LaurensNED1101JSC De Pionier
9Starmans C JohanNED938TSV Rochade
5Nooyens C RobbeNED838De Raadsheer
3Pasman C ChrisNED600SV De Pion
2Scheepers DaanNED596SV Staunton