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Hala Febrauary A

Last update 20.02.2016 17:51:52, Creator/Last Upload: kuwait chess federation

Starting rank

1CMAl-Hajiri Bader10300163KUW2173
2CMAlothman Abdul Wahab10300015KUW2054
3Alkhaldi Bader10300171KUW1923
4Shehab Ibrahim10300082KUW1920
5Alamiri Adel10300228KUW1889
6Al Azmi Khalaf10300040KUW1790
7Hussain Hashem10300716KUW1751
8Al Duwish Ahmed10300325KUW1711
9Alhasan Hasan10300864KUW1676
10Al Mousawi Omran10300066KUW1664
11Alrashidi Yousef10300910KUW1597
12Alajmi Abdulrahman10300740KUW1526
13Alhassan Meshari10300848KUW1504