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Ministries Chess Championship 2016

Last update 16.02.2016 18:05:35, Creator/Last Upload: kuwait chess federation

Starting rank

1Alshourfaa Hazaa10300198KUW1776
2Hussain Hashem10300716KUW1751
3Alsharhan Musaed10300694KUW1643
4Alrashidi Yousef10300910KUW1597
5Alazmi Abdulrahman10301615KUW1517
6Alabboudi Eid10301712KUW1418
7Alajeel Mohammad10301402KUW1354
8Almutairi Nawaf10301704KUW1332
9Alazmi Eid10301666KUW1176
10Alsaqer Meshal10301771KUW0
11Ahmad AbdalazizKUW0
12 Mashhour Mohammad10301984EGY0