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1st Livingston Chess Congress

Last update 03.02.2016 00:32:58, Creator/Last Upload: englishchessfederation

Final Ranking crosstable after 5 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd TB1 
1Irving Neil166SCO -1 9w1 10b½ 8w1 5b½4,0
2Potts David0SCO 11w1 -1 7b1 5w½ 6b½4,0
3Crone James0SCO 5b0 20w1 29b1 18w1 10b14,0
4Aitchison A Keith1836SCO 23w0 11b½ -1 20w1 24b13,5
5Kerr Graham0SCO 3w1 18b1 6w½ 2b½ 1w½3,5
6Watson James0SCO 27w1 23b1 5b½ 10w½ 2w½3,5
7Gillespie David Mcphail1763SCO -0 24b1 2w0 14b1 19b13,0
8Clinton William0SCO 25b½ 28w1 16b1 1b0 11w½3,0
9Moreby Kurt E139ENG 15w1 1b0 12b1 21w1 -03,0
10Stewart Graeme0SCO 13w1 17b1 1w½ 6b½ 3w03,0
11Reid Caitlin1459SCO 2b0 4w½ 28b1 16w1 8b½3,0
12McCormack Derek0SCO -0 21b½ 9w0 29b1 17w12,5
13Volland Ben1575SCO 10b0 25b1 23w½ 24w½ 21b½2,5
14Walters Philip J125ENG 17w0 15b½ 30b1 7w0 25b12,5
15Hartman James1310SCO 9b0 14w½ 27b1 19w0 28w12,5
16Gilmour Thomas0SCO -0 27w1 8w0 11b0 18b12,0
17Robertson Jim1652SCO 14b1 10w0 21b0 31w1 12b02,0
18Pearson Walter1620SCO 20b1 5w0 31b1 3b0 16w02,0
19Connolly Sams Lukah1552SCO -0 26w1 22b0 15b1 7w02,0
20Grant Glynis0SCO 18w0 3b0 25w1 4b0 30w12,0
21Harvey Douglas0SCO -0 12w½ 17w1 9b0 13w½2,0
22Zamvar Vipin1644SCO -0 30w1 19w1 -0 -02,0
23MacKay W Ian0ENG 4b1 6w0 13b½ -0 -01,5
24Berera Siddharth1435SCO -0 7w0 26b1 13b½ 4w01,5
25Armstrong A Alexander0SCO 8w½ 13w0 20b0 -1 14w01,5
26Paulius Serelis0SCO -0 19b0 24w0 30b½ 31w11,5
27Armstrong Alan0SCO 6b0 16b0 15w0 28b0 29w11,0
28Connolly Sams Dietah0SCO -0 8b0 11w0 27w1 15b01,0
29MacCrae James0SCO -0 31b½ 3w0 12w0 27b00,5
30Depasquale Duncan0SCO -0 22b0 14w0 26w½ 20b00,5
31Ridge Benjamin0SCO -0 29w½ 18w0 17b0 26b00,5

Tie Break1: points (game-points)