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2016 National Championship Ladies

Last update 12.01.2016 02:05:49, Creator/Last Upload: korea chess federation

Starting rank list of players

4WFMWANG Chengjia8601844KOR2011
9DOVCHIN Bolortungalag13205668KOR1617
10KIM Yubin13202316KOR1563
2PARK Sunwoo13203320KOR1556
7YOU Garam13200208KOR1537
11KANG Jiin13201980KOR1302
12JEONG Misuk13203126KOR1292
5KOH A R13205820KOR1210
1KIM Dokyeong13204521KOR1177
3KANG Sohyun13205706KOR1145
8YU Jinhui13206362KOR1132
6KANG Hanseul13202715KOR1125