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Petach Tikva Moadon Krav Nov-Dec 2015

Last update 08.01.2016 16:31:26, Creator/Last Upload: israel chess federation (licence 22)

Starting rank

1Aizenberg Benny2821125ISR1656
2Wertlieb Tomer2821133ISR1610
3Cohen Yael2821109ISR1534
4Noy Eyal2821117ISR1476
5Friedland Benzi2818736ISR1323
6Sherman Reem2822288ISR1295
7Eidelheit Yoav2824868ISR0
8Podim Ariel2823128ISR0
9Podim Binyamin2823136ISR0
10Shteiman Yuval2824264ISR0
11Zeevi Ori2827506ISR0