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JMES Cup School Level Open Chess Tournament 2015

Last update 26.12.2015 13:22:25, Creator/Last Upload: nepal chess association

Starting rank

1Acharya NabinNEP0Everest School
2Adhikari AnishNEP0Jhapa Model School
3Adhikari KripaNEP0Everest School
4Adhikari KrishNEP0Everest School
5Basnet PrajwalNEP0Everest School
6Bhandari SakchyamNEP0Sunshine School
7Bhandari SusantNEP0Jhapa Model School
8Budathoki BinuNEP0Himalaya H S School
9Dahal AadityaNEP0Sunshine School
10Dahal AdeshNEP0Sunshine School
11Dahal DikshyaNEP0Himalaya H S School
12Dahal MissionNEP0Everest School
13Dahal SamikshyaNEP0Everest School
14Dhungana BishalNEP0Jhapa Model School
15Dhungana RojanNEP0Everest School
16Dulal SaileshNEP0Sunshine School
17Dulal SauravNEP0Sunshine School
18Gautam AlokNEP0Jhapa Model School
19Karki Bal BikramNEP0Sunshine School
20Karki KushNEP0Sunshine School
21Karki LuvNEP0Sunshine School
22Khadka ChhatraNEP0Global E. Academy
23Khadka SamirNEP0Sunshine School
24Khadka SandeshNEP0Jhapa Model School
25Khadka ShrijanNEP0Sunshine School
26Khatiwada PrajwalNEP0Jhapa Model School
27Koirala AmanNEP0Sunshine School
28Lama KushalNEP0Everest School
29Limbu DichenNEP0Jhapa Model School
30Limbu DipsonNEP0Jhapa Model School
31Limbu ParbatNEP0Jhapa Model School
32Limbu RomanNEP0Narendra M E School
33Mukhiya KhushiNEP0Sunshine School
34Oli UtshavNEP0Allied E B School
35Pandey AshishNEP0Sunshine School
36Poddar BishnuNEP0Everest School
37Rai DipeshNEP0Pragita E Academy
38Rai PrabashNEP0Everest School
39Rai RickyNEP0Allied E B School
40Rai SiddharthNEP0Everest School
41Sangraula KrishnaNEP0Everest School
42Shah AnkitNEP0Himalaya H S School
43Shah PrasantNEP0Everest School
44Shah SivamNEP0Suryodaya E B School
45Sherpa PasangNEP0Jhapa Model School
46Shrestha MausamNEP0Jhapa Model School
47Sigdel SadikshyaNEP0Jhapa Model School
48Subba IshmitaNEP0Jhapa Model school
49Subba SurenNEP0Jhapa Model School
50Tamang LakpaNEP0Jhapa Model School
51Thapa AshmaNEP0Sunshine School
52Thapa KhusbuNEP0Everest School
53Timsina DikshyaNEP0Global E. Academy
54Acharya JanamNEP0Himalaya H S School