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Daim El Gana

Darrera actualització31.12.2015 19:58:36, Creador/Darrera càrrega: maher musa

Llista del rànquing inicial

1Abdelazeez Mohamed Abdalla12202576SUD2178
2 Hassan Ali Mohamed12202614SUD2006
3Mohamed Khidir Mohamed12201766SUD1932
4Mohamed Faisal12202606SUD1884
5Ashraf Abd Elhameid Mohamed12201790SUD1764
6Mohamed Zahir Mohamed Khamis12201677SUD1630
7Amin Ali Hussain12201804SUD0
8Awad Elkareem Abdo12202770SUD0
10Mohamed Ali12202789SUD0
9Osman Ibraheem12201880SUD0