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21 dezembro santoantoniense

Last update 21.12.2015 22:03:24, Creator/Last Upload: portuguese chess federation (licence 30)

Starting rank

1Figueiredo Hélder Emanuel Rod1903489POR2024Santoantoniense Fc
2Pereira Ricardo João Correia1903667POR1949Santoantoniense Fc
3Ferreira Tiago Miguel Marques1945122POR1442Santoantoniense Fc
4Gonçalves Gabriel Sobral1945610POR1339Santoantoniense Fc
5Cerqueira João Melo SousaPOR0Santoantoniense Fc
6Ferreira Diogo André Marques1946030POR1231Santoantoniense Fc
7Guerra Gonçalo Cramês1951890POR0Santoantoniense Fc