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Altay Club Champ. 2015 Blitz Final

Last update 19.12.2015 15:05:55, Creator/Last Upload: arsenicum

Starting rank list of players

10FMBoiarintsev Vitaly34128384RUS2433
11FMSorokin Aleksey24176460RUS2412
15FMPiskunov Alexandr4115490RUS2349
9FMKardashevskiy Evgeny24108138RUS2285
8Arbuzov Andrey34128341RUS2240
14FMBochkarev Alexey34101516RUS2237
1FMGuempel Viktor4148509RUS2236
2FMGaydym Michail24180211RUS2224
16Suslyakov Andrey24126829RUS2217
3Dronov Alexander34141887RUS2197
7Korsakov Dmitry34128554RUS2185
5Vassiliev G.4137779RUS2143
12Burtsev Vladimir34128422RUS2081
6Efanov Mikhail24159620RUS2075
4WFMTsepennikova Tatyana4153901RUS2051
13Zakharova Viktoriya24183890RUS1893