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b4 Christmas Blitz 2015

Last update 15.12.2015 11:29:38, Creator/Last Upload: sk b4, mauritius, ronald raimbert

Starting rank

1Sawmynaden RayenMRI0New Eton
2Sawmynaden VickenMRI0New Eton
3Sawmynaden RighenMRI0New Eton
4Chan ChristopherMRI0b4 Chess Club
5Dussoye NuvinMRI0b4 Chess Club
6Earle DominicMRI0
7Fine AdrienMRI0b4 Chess Club
8Genné René9700200MRI0b4 Chess Club
9Jotee Ashvin9700170MRI0b4 Chess Club
10Kelly JacquesMRI0b4 Chess Club
11Koster Jeroen9700161MRI0b4 Chess Club
12Lau PhilippeMRI0b4 Chess Club
13Lee HenriMRI0b4 Chess Club
14Louise ClementMRI0b4 Chess Club
15Marie PatrickMRI0
16Naipal HoolanMRI0
17Phillips Roy404136MRI0b4 Chess Club
18Raimbert Ronald9700250MRI0b4 Chess Club
19Ramasawmy JayMRI0b4 Chess Club
20Sum Ping WarrenMRI0b4 Chess Club