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Al Ain Classic 2015

Last update 30.12.2015 18:04:28, Creator/Last Upload: ilgar bajarani

Player overview for CUB

45GMArencibia Rodriguez Walter2501CUB10½½1110½5,535105,00Al-Ain Classic

Results of the last round for CUB

Rd.Bo.No. NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtg No.
GMAmin BassemEGY26655 ½ - ½5 GMArencibia Rodriguez WalterCUB2501

Player details for CUB

GM Arencibia Rodriguez Walter 2501 CUB Rp:2519 Pts. 5,5
1110Abucejo Armel N2032PHI1,0s 1100,80
212GMRakhmanov Aleksandr2640RUS6,0w 010-3,10
388WGMAbdulla Khayala2256AZE3,5s ½10-3,00
470IMAbdulov Orkhan2356AZE3,5w ½10-1,90
576IMMorchiashvili Bachana2326GEO4,5s 1102,70
660IMBaghdasaryan Vahe2432ARM5,0w 1104,00
714GMEdouard Romain2627FRA5,0s 1106,70
817GMOleksiyenko Mykhaylo2616UKR6,5w 010-3,40
96GMAmin Bassem2665EGY5,5s ½102,20
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