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I Magistral Internacional Restaurant Barreda Alcossebre-Castellon

Last update 20.12.2015 15:34:08, Creator/Last Upload: spanish chess federation (licence 205)

Starting rank list of players

9FMValmana Canto Jaime2268990ESP2427
1GMKomljenovic Davorin14500132CRO2413
3Garcia Jhoel3801110PER2360
10FMSos Andreu Eric22247017ESP2341
6FMDiaz Velandia Jose Manuel3901939VEN2308
2IMKovacevic Slobodan902152SRB2298
8IMGarcia Fernandez Carlos2200660ESP2297
7FMTorres Sanchez Jose2217210ESP2255
5FMNavarro Lopez-Menchero Daniel2297370ESP2205
4Gimenez Menchon Cesar2292947ESP2117