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Baptista Karácsonyi Open A csoport

Last update 22.12.2015 12:13:31, Creator/Last Upload: balla.attila

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Starting rank

1Forgacs Attila715387HUN2227
2FMBrustkern Juergen4602676GER2223
3Halak Miklos726400HUN2209
4Feher Attila703826HUN2140
5WFMTerbe Zsuzsanna708801HUN2063
6Gaspar Zoltan703966HUN2061
7Bodrogi Mihaly707040HUN2035
8Yip Michael2601303CAN1937
9Bodrogi Laszlo707600HUN1904
10Geher Laszlo785075HUN1863
11Simonyi Gergo744670HUN1802
12Toth Abel Levente771503HUN1788
13Csatho Gabor733504HUN1707
14Toth Nikoletta773670HUN1567
15Geher Koppany785091HUN1561
16Toth Viktor771600HUN1555
17Forgacs Attila Jr.773654HUN1515
18Kalocsai Laszlo761281HUN1506
19Reicheld Szilard785024HUN1280