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7th Penang Heritage City International Chess Open 2015

Last update 12.12.2015 07:27:23, Creator/Last Upload: PenangChessAssociation

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMNguyen Duc Hoa2496VIE 61w1 22b1 31w½ 14b1 4w½ 3w½ 27b1 5b1 9w½7053,541,00
2IMPascua Haridas2419PHI 88w1 41b½ 44w1 13b1 8w½ 11b½ 6w½ 23b1 25w17049,538,00
3GMCao Sang2433VIE 83w1 42b1 13w½ 39b1 10w1 1b½ 8w½ 7w½ 4b½6,505336,75
4FMLiu Xiangyi2425SGP 72b1 45w1 18b½ 43w1 1b½ 24w1 5w½ 8b½ 3w½6,505235,75
5GMBitoon Richard2438PHI 74b1 35w1 43b½ 15w½ 20b1 30w1 4b½ 1w0 26b16,505135,25
6FMReyes Narquinden2301PHI 48b1 11w0 38b1 78w1 15b1 12w½ 2b½ 27w1 7b½6,505135,25
7GMDeepan Chakkravarthy J.2496IND 54b1 26w½ 57b½ 20w½ 28b1 33w1 36w1 3b½ 6w½6,5049,535,25
8GMLaxman R.R.2446IND114b1 57w½ 40b1 27w1 2b½ 18w1 3b½ 4w½ 10b½6,5049,534,25
9GMVillamayor Buenaventura2454PHI 73w1 13b0 61w1 41b½ 51w½ 19b1 42w1 37b1 1b½6,504732,75
10IMTin Jingyao2401SGP 93w1 51b1 39w½ 70b1 3b0 26w1 11w½ 36b1 8w½6,5046,530,75
11GMKomarov Dimitri2517UKR 60w1 6b1 14w½ 21b½ 23b1 2w½ 10b½ 15w½ 18b½605435,25
12GMVahidov Tair2445UZB 17w½ 65b1 19w1 31b1 36w½ 6b½ 23w½ 21b½ 14w½605133,50
13Tran Ngoc Lan2256VIE 98b1 9w1 3b½ 2w0 54b½ 49w1 16b0 38w1 37w1604930,50
14IMNguyen Van Hai2352VIE 77b1 49w1 11b½ 1w0 39b1 16w½ 24b½ 52w1 12b½604930,25
15GMBarus Cerdas2355INA 75w1 44b½ 28w1 5b½ 6w0 70b1 51w1 11b½ 17w½604829,25
16IMNitin S.2424IND 79w1 28b½ 41w½ 58b½ 55w1 14b½ 13w1 17b½ 21w½6047,531,00
17IMDimakiling Oliver2381PHI 12b½ 38w½ 73b1 59w1 30b0 58w1 32b1 16w½ 15b½604730,00
18FMYeoh Li Tian2350MAS 80w1 56b1 4w½ 37b½102w1 8b0 25w½ 24b1 11w½6046,528,50
19FMMohamad Ervan2308INA 53b1 34w½ 12b0 64w1 62b1 9w0 40b½ 54w1 39b1604628,25
20FMMasruri Rahman2305INA 63w1 62b1 37w½ 7b½ 5w0 56b½ 44w½ 70b1 42w16045,528,00
21IMPurnama Tirta Chandra2356INA115b1 40w½ 34b1 11w½ 52b0 54w1 30b1 12w½ 16b½604529,00
22FMPitra Andika2287INA107b1 1w0 72b1 52w0 38b0 91w1 90b1 40w1 36w16040,524,00
23IMLioe Dede2372INA 82b1 46w1 78b1 36b½ 11w0 40w1 12b½ 2w0 30b½5,5047,526,25
24FMDang Hoang Son2193VIE 76w1 36b0 81w1 25b1 29w1 4b0 14w½ 18w0 52b15,504727,00
25IMNguyen Van Huy2465VIE 38b½ 87w1 26b½ 24w0 78b1 45w1 18b½ 35w1 2b05,504726,25
26FMTerekhov Andrey2291RUS 96w1 7b½ 25w½ 71b1 37w½ 10b0 56w1 55b1 5w05,5046,525,00
27IMAnurag Mhamal2390IND 94b1 59w1 70w½ 8b0 41w1 53b1 1w0 6b0 55w15,504623,75
28IMPraveen Kumar C2231IND 90b1 16w½ 15b0 66w1 7w0 74b½ 79w1 60b1 29w½5,5044,524,50
29Vo Thanh Ninh2368VIE 67b1 70w- 79w1 49w1 24b0 34w½ 52b½ 45w1 28b½5,5043,526,25
30Navalgund Niranjan2233IND 65w½ 86b½ 80w1106b1 17w1 5b0 21w0 71b1 23w½5,504323,75
31Priasmoro Novendra2324INA 91b1 52w1 1b½ 12w0 40b0 72w1 39b0101w1 56b15,504323,50
32IMMas Hafizulhelmi2333MAS 81w1 71b1 36w0 56b1 53w½ 37b½ 17w0 59b½ 46w15,5042,524,50
33IMHalay Taufik2361INA 97w1 39b0 93w1 55b½ 44w1 7b0 46w½ 51b½ 59w15,504223,50
34FMMuhamad Agus Kurniawan2062INA103w1 19b½ 21w0 97b1 42w½ 29b½ 55w0 76b1 51w15,504223,00
35Marohom De Leon Jr.2249PHI112w1 5b0 75w1102b0 61w1 71b½ 53w1 25b0 63w15,503922,00
36IMRamnath Bhuvanesh.R2423IND 64b1 24w1 32b1 23w½ 12b½ 52w1 7b0 10w0 22b05050,525,75
37IMSean Winshand Cuhendi2417INA 95b1 58w1 20b½ 18w½ 26b½ 32w½ 57b1 9w0 13b0504824,50
38CMSivakumar Ashvin2038SGP 25w½ 17b½ 6w0 81b1 22w1 42b0 41w1 13b0 70w1504824,25
39FMLee Qing Aun2132SGP116b1 33w1 10b½ 3w0 14w0 63b1 31w1 43b½ 19w05047,522,75
40Zulkipli Zaidan2104MAS118w1 21b½ 8w0 60b1 31w1 23b0 19w½ 22b0 75w1504622,00
41FMWong Yinn Long2205MAS100b1 2w½ 16b½ 9w½ 27b0 64w½ 38b0 86b1 74w15045,523,00
42FMHakiki Kaisar Jenius2236INA111b1 3w0 67b1 54w½ 34b½ 38w1 9b0 62w1 20b05045,521,50
43IMGunawan Ronny2371INA102w1 55b1 5w½ 4b0 58w½ 51b0 61w1 39w½ 44b½504422,50
44CMNg Jen Sheng2127MAS105b1 15w½ 2b0115w1 33b0 87w1 20b½ 57w½ 43w½5042,519,50
45Chuah Jin Hai Jonathan2217MAS109w1 4b0102w0 75b1 73w1 25b0 68w1 29b0 53w15040,519,50
46Yeap Eng Chiam2128MAS119w1 23b0106w0 80b1 63w½ 48b1 33b½ 47w1 32b05039,520,00
47WIMGong Qianyun2317SGP 68w1 78b0 97w½ 53w0 77b1 60b½ 74w1 46b0 79w1503820,50
48CMTan Jun Ying1830MAS 6w0 60b½119w1 51b0 83w1 46w0 72b½ 73b1 71w1503817,25
49Sunardi Sadeli2078INA113w1 14b0 92w1 29b0106w1 13b0 86w½ 75b½ 80w1503816,75
50FMIsmail Ahmad2104MAS 87b0 66w1 53b0 77w½111b1 90w0105b½ 91w1 72b1503318,00
51Chan Marcus2179MAS 69b1 10w0115b½ 48w1 9b½ 43w1 15b0 33w½ 34b04,5046,521,50
52Doostkam P2067IRI108w1 31b0 89w1 22b1 21w1 36b0 29w½ 14b0 24w04,504621,50
53Tan Soon Wei Dawson1842MAS 19w0103b1 50w1 47b1 32b½ 27w0 35b0 58w1 45b04,504519,75
54Manaog Stewart2057PHI 7w0 96b1 86w1 42b½ 13w½ 21b0 89w1 19b0 69w½4,5044,518,25
55Aris T.L.S.2159INA110b1 43w0 77b1 33w½ 16b0 95w1 34b1 26w0 27b04,5043,518,75
56Noguchi Koji2115JPN101b1 18w0 91b1 32w0 88b1 20w½ 26b0 90w1 31w04,5042,517,50
57FMLow Zhen Yu Cyrus2256SGP106w1 8b½ 7w½ 62b½ 70w½102b1 37w0 44b½ -04,504219,00
58Cheah Eric2179MAS 92w1 37b0 68w1 16w½ 43b½ 17b0 75w½ 53b0 90w14,504219,00
59Ooi Zhi Yang2146MAS 89w1 27b0 63w1 17b0 74w½ 94b1 71w½ 32w½ 33b04,504218,25
60Yeoh Chin Seng2059MAS 11b0 48w½ 82b1 40w0107b1 47w½ 88b1 28w0 65b½4,5041,518,25
61CMLe Huu Thai2042VIE 1b0107w1 9b0 91w1 35b0111w1 43b0 77w½100b14,5040,514,50
62Kaboodi Behrang2067IRI104b1 20w0 87b1 57w½ 19w0 86b½102w1 42b0 68w½4,503915,50
63WCMIsha Sharma1832IND 20b0104w1 59b0114w1 46b½ 39w0 87b1 66w1 35b04,503915,00
64Yap Egin Darrel1964MAS 36w0 76b½112w1 19b0 65w1 41b½ 70w0 92b½ 89w14,503816,75
65Chan Kim Yew1777MAS 30b½ 12w0 74b½ 72w½ 64b0115w1 95b½ 82w1 60w½4,503816,75
66WFMJohari Camilia1927MAS 86w½ 50b0 76w1 28b0 89w½113b1 73w½ 63b0 92w14,503615,50
67Ong Way Justin1911MAS 29w0 99b1 42w0104b1 71w0 76b½ 92w½ 89b½ 86w14,5035,515,00
68Lieu Chin Yung1846MAS 47b0117w1 58b0 73w0103b1114w1 45b0 88w1 62b½4,5033,512,25
69Chuah Yi Ning1665MAS 51w0 93b0103w1 96b½ 94b0 77w½114b1 95w1 54b½4,503214,00
70Tan Khai Boon2125MAS 99w1 29b+ 27b½ 10w0 57b½ 15w0 64b1 20w0 38b0404716,75
71Calvelo Jelvis2090PHI 84b1 32w0111b1 26w0 67b1 35w½ 59b½ 30w0 48b04042,516,00
72CMWoong Zhi Wei William2002SGP 4w0109b1 22w0 65b½ 98w1 31b0 48w½102b1 50w0404213,75
73Looi Xin Hao2030MAS 9b0 98w1 17w0 68b1 45b0105w½ 66b½ 48w0107b1404114,75
74FMHj Azahari Md Aliuddin2010BRU 5w0112b½ 65w½109b1 59b½ 28w½ 47b0 84w1 41b04040,515,00
75Daniel Hermawan Lumban Tobing1878INA 15b0116w1 35b0 45w0100b1 78w1 58b½ 49w½ 40b04040,513,75
76Tin Ruiqi1706SGP 24b0 64w½ 66b0 82w½ 85b1 67w½ 93b1 34w0 77b½404017,50
77Yee Jian Yang1876MAS 14w0113b1 55w0 50b½ 47w0 69b½108w1 61b½ 76w½403914,50
78Roy Marpaung2070INA117b1 47w1 23w0 6b0 25w0 75b0112w1 80b0101b14038,512,50
79Alahakoon Isuru1997SRI 16b0 90w1 29b0111w0109b1 84w1 28b0105w1 47b0403813,00
80Guntoro Dodi1865INA 18b0105w1 30b0 46w0 84b0117w1111b1 78w1 49b0403711,00
81CMNisban Cyrus1860SGP 32b0 84w1 24b0 38w0105b0104w0117b1113w1103b14033,510,50
82Frost Peter1912AUS 23w0119b½ 60w0 76b½ 92w½112b½ 99w1 65b0108w14032,512,00
83WFMHj Azahari Siti Nur Fatimah2009BRU 3b0111w0116b1 98w½ 48b0 89b0110w1107w½105b1403210,75
84Chua Xue Kai Alfred1551SGP 71w0 81b0 98b0116w1 80w1 79b0106w1 74b0102w14031,511,50
85Dhanush Bharadwaj1904IND -0 -0 -0108b1 76w0 99b0118w1112b1104w14031,510,00
86Teh Ren Jie1570MAS 66b½ 30w½ 54b0 94w½115b1 62w½ 49b½ 41w0 67b03,503913,50
87Singh Kabir1566MAS 50w1 25b0 62w0 93b½ 97w1 44b0 63w0 96b½ 94b½3,5038,513,75
88Chan Yi Meng Ryan1959MAS 2b0100w1 -0 92b1 56w0106b1 60w0 68b0 96w½3,5038,511,75
89Leong Sher Hern1644SGP 59b0 94w1 52b0 95w½ 66b½ 83w1 54b0 67w½ 64b03,503813,75
90Brown Geoffrey M1743ENG 28w0 79b0113w½118b1 93w1 50b1 22w0 56b0 58b03,5037,511,75
91Chuah Hao Min1853MAS 31w0108b1 56w0 61b0104w1 22b0113w1 50b0 99w½3,5037,59,75
92Tan Jia Yun1652MAS 58b0 95w1 49b0 88w0 82b½107w1 67b½ 64w½ 66b03,503713,00
93Izzuddin Zain1937BRU 10b0 69w1 33b0 87w½ 90b0 98b1 76w0100w0111b13,503712,25
94Tan Hong Ghee1930MAS 27w0 89b0 99w1 86b½ 69w1 59w0101b0104b½ 87w½3,503512,75
95Lee Jun Wei1939SGP 37w0 92b0105w1 89b½112w1 55b0 65w½ 69b0 98w½3,5034,511,25
96Chuah Hao Feng1827MAS 26b0 54w0101b½ 69w½114b0103w1100b½ 87w½ 88b½3,5033,512,00
97Lim Wei Sheng1902MAS 33b0110w1 47b½ 34w0 87b0101w0104b½111w½114b13,5033,510,00
98Koh Sian Kuan Bausch1798MAS 13w0 73b0 84w1 83b½ 72b0 93w0115b½114w1 95b½3,503310,75
99Yip Thung1604MAS 70b0 67w0 94b0110b½108w½ 85w1 82b0115w1 91b½3,5031,512,25
100Hng Emmanuelle1719SGP 41w0 88b0108w½113b½ 75w0118b1 96w½ 93b1 61w03,5031,510,00
101Wong Shyun Fwu Aldrin1602SGP 56w0102b0 96w½112b0119w1 97b1 94w1 31b0 78w03,5031,59,75
102Ramakrishnan Ramesh1864MAS 43b0101w1 45b1 35w1 18b0 57w0 62b0 72w0 84b0304214,00
103Eunice Hng Mei-Xian0SGP 34b0 53w0 69b0 -1 68w0 96b0109w1106b1 81w030378,00
104WCMGoh Jie Yi1462MAS 62w0 63b0 -1 67w0 91b0 81b1 97w½ 94w½ 85b03036,510,00
105Lee Kah Teng Benjamin1610MAS 44w0 80b0 95b0117w1 81w1 73b½ 50w½ 79b0 83w03035,510,00
106Koo Wei Xin Rosamund1807MAS 57b0114w1 46b1 30w0 49b0 88w0 84b0103w0116b13034,58,50
107Ng Wee Hong Brendan1820SGP 22w0 61b0118w½119b1 60w0 92b0116w1 83b½ 73w030325,50
108Cheah Kah Hoe1531MAS 52b0 91w0100b½ 85w0 99b½109w1 77b0119w1 82b03031,57,00
109Kong Jian Yuan Stephen1739SGP 45b0 72w0117b1 74w0 79w0108b0103b0 -1118w13031,56,00
110Saumy Zainab1646SRI 55w0 97b0114b0 99w½113w0119b1 83b0116w½115b13025,55,50
111Lim Kian Hwa1779MAS 42w0 83b1 71w0 79b1 50w0 61b0 80w0 97b½ 93w02,5037,59,75
112Kebbedies Frank1797GER 35b0 74w½ 64b0101w1 95b0 82w½ 78b0 85w0113b½2,5035,58,75
113Goh Sean Christian1547SGP 49b0 77w0 90b½100w½110b1 66w0 91b0 81b0112w½2,5033,57,75
114Kamis Kamarunsalehin2018BRU 8w0106b0110w1 63b0 96w1 68b0 69w0 98b0 97w02036,56,50
115Hamid Hairul Abdul1883MAS 21w0118b1 51w½ 44b0 86w0 65b0 98w½ 99b0110w02035,56,00
116Kumar Sri Shiva1634MAS 39w0 75b0 83w0 84b0118w½ -1107b0110b½106w02032,54,00
117Saw Lye Guan1543MAS 78w0 68b0109w0105b0 -1 80b0 81w0118b0119w12030,52,50
118Greenwood Martin C1564ENG 40b0115w0107b½ 90w0116b½100w0 85b0117w1109b020283,75
119Srivatanakul Pricha1623THA 46b0 82w½ 48b0107w0101b0110w0 -1108b0117b01,50333,00

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable