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41st Lebanese Individual Championship - Final Stage 2015

Last update 08.12.2015 21:43:15, Creator/Last Upload: lebanese chess federation

Starting rank list of players

5FMKhairallah Faisal4628250LBN2303
12FMNajjar Ahmad5300100LBN2243
4FMEl Jawich Amro5300380LBN2204
10FMKassis Antoine5300150LBN2147
2Shamieh Jamal5300444LBN2127
11CMAbdulaziz Mahmoud5300401LBN2123
6Bassel Charaf5300657LBN2111
8Maasarani Mahmoud5300681LBN2087
1Asmar Elie5301432LBN1995
3Abou El Hussen Amir5303010LBN1905
7Hamawi Karim5303621LBN1871
9Al Salman Mohamad5301726LBN1833