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Aizkraukles District Open Rapid Chess Championship 2015

Last update 23.11.2015 10:04:36, Creator/Last Upload: Riga Chess federation

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1MKKRILOVS Nikolajs2043LAT 29w1 20b1 18w1 16b1 4w1 2w½ 3b1 7b1 5w½8,042,053,52283
2NMJANKOVSKIS Guntis2301LAT 21w1 23b1 15w1 7b1 3w1 1b½ 6w½ 5b½ 4w½7,042,555,52096
3MKKIRSBERGS Girts1926LAT 41b1 14w1 45b1 10w1 2b0 4b1 1w0 17w1 12b17,040,552,02079
4MKKARKLINS Imants2230LAT 27b1 26w1 5b1 11w1 1b0 3w0 22b1 15w1 2b½6,541,554,01968
5IBOGORODS Daniels1723LAT 56w1 30b1 4w0 25b1 32w1 6b½ 14w1 2w½ 1b½6,538,548,02046
6MKPUSMUCANS Gunars1948LAT 24b1 10w0 26b1 22w1 17b1 5w½ 2b½ 8w½ 9b½6,040,052,01871
7MKMAKLAKOVA Nellija1982LAT 25b1 28w1 9b1 2w0 11b1 15w½ 27b1 1w0 8b½6,039,552,01844
8IKOROSTELOVS Alberts1852LAT 54w1 13b0 29w1 17w0 23b1 21w1 10b1 6b½ 7w½6,038,047,01796
9IIVANAUSKAS Raimundas1715LTU 55w1 35b1 7w0 20b1 16w½ 12b0 18w1 14b1 6w½6,037,546,01955
10MKBREIKSS Peteris1814LAT 40w1 6b1 11w0 3b0 20w1 25b1 8w0 34b1 16w16,037,048,01857
11IVISNEVSKIS Valdis1694LAT -1 32w1 10b1 4b0 7w0 19w0 30b1 24b1 22w16,035,546,01948
12IBIRJUKOVS Anatolijs1624LAT 28b½ 53w1 14b0 39w1 36b1 9w1 15b½ 19w1 3w06,034,544,51798
13IFELDMANIS Arturs1695LAT 46b1 8w1 23b0 14w0 19b0 36w1 20b1 32w1 21b16,033,543,01869
14ILUSIS Imants2097LAT 34w1 3b0 12w1 13b1 18w½ 16b1 5b0 9w0 27b15,540,051,01799
15IMITENIEKS Matiss1753LAT 50b1 33w1 2b0 24w1 21b1 7b½ 12w½ 4b0 17w½5,538,048,01865
16ISOKOLS Svjatoslavs1955LAT 43b1 19w1 17b1 1w0 9b½ 14w0 28b1 27w1 10b05,537,049,01798
17MKAUZINA Ruta1672LAT 47w1 37b1 16w0 8b1 6w0 31b1 24w1 3b0 15b½5,536,546,51772
18IHACIVELI Zubeirs1715LAT 49b1 39w1 1b0 19w1 14b½ 27w0 9b0 33w1 28b15,533,544,51836
19MKPRIEDITIS Juris2117LAT 38w1 16b0 47w1 18b0 13w1 11b1 34w½ 12b0 23w½5,035,544,51666
20MKBICKOVSKIS Anatolijs2100LAT 22b1 1w0 46b1 9w0 10b0 50w1 13w0 40b1 34w15,034,545,51586
21IMESTERS Janis1613LAT 2b0 40w1 33b1 45w1 15w0 8b0 37w1 35b1 13w05,033,544,01835
22IMARCIULIONIS Rolandas1512LTU 20w0 56b1 35w1 6b0 30w1 37b1 4w0 31b1 11b05,033,541,51820
23IKRAUZE Anda1665LAT 48b1 2w0 13w1 32b0 8w0 38b1 33w½ 42b1 19b½5,033,043,01792
24IINUKSA Kaspars1466LAT 6w0 55b1 37w1 15b0 35w1 33b1 17b0 11w0 39b15,032,541,01798
25IIKRASTINS Arturs1405LAT 7w0 58b1 38w1 5w0 49b1 10w0 32b0 41b1 35w15,031,037,51640
26IJEKABSONS Janis1657LAT 57w1 4b0 6w0 34b0 51w1 40b1 35w0 38b1 37w15,029,037,01647
27IMIRGALIJEVS Ivans1611LAT 4w0 51b1 30w1 36b½ 34w1 18b1 7w0 16b0 14w04,535,044,51748
28IIKAVALIAUSKAS Titas1096LTU 12w½ 7b0 36w0 47b1 41w1 39b1 16w0 29b1 18w04,533,542,51587
29IIKLIMOVICS Edgars1454LAT 1b0 42w1 8b0 41w1 33b0 45w½ 36b1 28w0 32b14,530,542,01574
30IKOZLOVSKIS Janis1850LAT 52b1 5w0 27b0 53w1 22b0 47w1 11w0 44b1 31w½4,529,539,01413
31ICIRIS Andris1374LAT 33b0 49w1 32b0 52w1 45b1 17w0 48b1 22w0 30b½4,527,035,51579
32ILEMESONOKS Andris1850LAT 36w1 11b0 31w1 23w1 5b0 34b0 25w1 13b0 29w04,034,545,01481
33IGRANTS Romualds1977LAT 31w1 15b0 21w0 44b1 29w1 24w0 23b½ 18b0 42w½4,033,543,01450
34IIAIZSILNIEKS Andris1505LAT 14b0 50w1 39b½ 26w1 27b0 32w1 19b½ 10w0 20b04,033,042,01779
35IVILNITIS Janis1850LAT 53b1 9w0 22b0 46w1 24b0 49w1 26b1 21w0 25b04,031,540,51398
36IVGAVEIKO Daniils1200LAT 32b0 48w1 28b1 27w½ 12w0 13b0 29w0 45b1 43b½4,031,040,01466
37IISEIKOVSKA Anita1750LAT 42b1 17w0 24b0 50w1 43b1 22w0 21b0 48w1 26b04,031,039,51382
38IIIKURPNIECE Viktorija1550LAT 19b0 41w1 25b0 42w1 39b0 23w0 46b1 26w0 50b14,030,538,51467
39IJEKABSONS Andrejs1950LAT 58w1 18b0 34w½ 12b0 38w1 28w0 43b½ 49b1 24w04,030,036,01363
40IVJUOZAPAVICIUS Matas1200LTU 10b0 21b0 55w1 43w0 56b1 26w0 47b1 20w0 51b14,027,535,01433
41IVBERZINS Kristaps1200LAT 3w0 38b0 51w1 29b0 28b0 56w1 50b1 25w0 48b14,027,035,51316
42IVNIJAZI Lina1200LAT 37w0 29b0 48w1 38b0 52b1 43w1 45b½ 23w0 33b½4,027,035,01496
43IIKAVALIAUSKAS Vygantas1301LTU 16w0 47b0 57w1 40b1 37w0 42b0 39w½ 54b1 36w½4,026,033,01385
44IVSOKOLA Irina1200LAT 45w0 52b½ 33w0 50b0 54b1 57w1 30w0 53b14,024,030,01404
45IIRATNIKS Romualds1750LAT 51w1 44b1 3w0 21b0 31w0 29b½ 42w½ 36w0 46b½3,529,539,51294
46IVKALININA Elizabete1200LAT 13w0 54b1 20w0 35b0 48w0 55b1 38w0 47b1 45w½3,525,534,01447
47IVPINNE Nauris1200LAT 17b0 43w1 19b0 28w0 53b1 30b0 40w0 46w0 56b13,028,535,51301
48IVSOLTUMS Juris1200LAT 23w0 36b0 42b0 54w1 46b1 52w1 31w0 37b0 41w03,027,035,01207
49IVPOLICANS Kristers1200LAT 18w0 31b0 54w1 57b1 25w0 35b0 53b1 39w0 52b03,026,533,51330
50IVLUKSS Linards1200LAT 15w0 34b0 58w1 37b0 44w1 20b0 41w0 57b1 38w03,026,532,01370
51IVMEISTERE Nikola1200LAT 45b0 27w0 41b0 55w1 26b0 53w0 58b1 52w1 40w03,024,529,51233
52IVDEMBOVSKIS Lorens Dariels1200LAT 30w0 57b½ 44w½ 31b0 42w0 48b0 55w1 51b0 49w13,024,030,01167
53IVGRANDANS Rainers1200LAT 35w0 12b0 56w1 30b0 47w0 51b1 49w0 58b1 44w03,023,029,01267
54IVDAUGAVIETIS Andis1200LAT 8b0 46w0 49b0 48b0 57w1 44w0 56b1 43w0 58w13,020,526,51159
55IVUZULINA Anete1200LAT 9b0 24w0 40b0 51b0 58w1 46w0 52b0 56w½ 57b12,521,527,51121
56IVOSIPAUSKS Edgars1200LAT 5b0 22w0 53b0 58b1 40w0 41b0 54w0 55b½ 47w01,524,531,01020
57IVVENEVICS Rihards1200LAT 26b0 52w½ 43b0 49w0 54b0 58w1 44b0 50w0 55w01,522,527,5989
58IVANENKO Nikita1200LAT 39b0 25w0 50b0 56w0 55b0 57b0 51w0 53w0 54b00,020,026,5506

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Performance (variable with parameter)

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