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AXS - Campeonato Distrital Escalões 2008/09 Seniores

Last update 22.02.2009 10:41:12, Creator/Last Upload: Portuguese Chess Federation (Licence 14)

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Round 4 on 2009/02/14

Bo.No.NamePts. ResultPts. NameNo.
13Santos Pedro Miguel Da Rosa 0 - 12 Atalaia Manuel Ferreira Da Cos1
26Correia Rui Almeida 0 - 1 Costa Hugo Jorge Duque2
37Calado Rui Manuel Lopes F2 1 - 01 Azevedo Jose Luis Lopes8
49Fonseca Jorge Manuel Barbosa1 - - + Antunes Vitor Manuel Carvalho5
510Lopes Jose Eduardo Tomas0 0 - 11 Lopes Paulo Henriques4