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SA Closed 2015 : Open B

Last update 22.12.2015 12:45:30, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 30)

Starting rank list of players

3Du Plessis Heinco14306263RSA1986
8Meintjes Jacques C.14303108RSA1979
10CMBezuidenhout Roland14304562RSA1964
6Wilken Justin Barend14301431RSA1960
1Wium Daniel14310775RSA1960
9Pesa Mofoka A.14304163RSA1879
4Nkosi Dumisa Jacob14314916RSA1857
5Mafanya Kulasande14308029RSA1843
12Lynch Justin14310120RSA1803
2Ellman Basil14322617RSA0
11Lawerlot George Lee-Roy14316617RSA0
7Matsaung Thapelo14322609RSA0